Last Update: October 2, 2020 @ 12:00 pm





Rowan's latest edition #68 for Fall is truly exceptional. This is one of those must have publications as not only are the patterns timeless they are also quite compelling. We have this ion stock at the moment.







We have in stock the latest edition of Pom Pom #34 for sale as shown in the image below.



Shown [left] is our just completed "Tulip Pullover," which was knitted using 5 skeins of Noro Kumo yarn. It turned out really beautiful, and was a very fun project to knit. The Tulip pattern came from Ravelry.If you wish to puirchase this pattern, click on the adjacent image and it will open a new tab for you and take you to the Ravelry page.




August 5: We just received the latest Noro magazine, issue 17, which is a great publication, with many interesting projects to consider making. We also received a new shipment of Noro yarn.




Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we have revised our store hours as follows, and an appointment is required to be admitted to the store so that we can manage the number of people in the store at any given time. While this is a temporary change in our hours, we have no idea how long this change will be in effect. If you have questions about our hours, please call the store at 407-331-5648. Our new hours are as follows:

Monday thru Friday: 11:00 until 4:00

Saturday: 11:00 until 2:00

Sunday: Closed


August 1: We recently completed our "Black Thorne Sweater" using Madelinetosh Light yarn. As shown in the adjacent photo, we used 3 skeins of the base color, and 1 skein of the contrast color. This sweater is on display in the store. This was a fun project to knit, and the finished result is quite stunning.




June 29: We have made a decision regarding our operating methodology for the month of July. Due to the current situation with the Corona virus, during July we will remain open by appointment only. This is the only manner in which we can control the number of people in the store at any given time, and thereby reduce the possibility of spreading this quite elusive virus. Also our operating hours will remain Mondy thru Friday open from 11:00 am until 4:00 pm, and on Saturday from 11:00 am until 2:00 PM. Please call the store during business hours to schedule an appointment. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes you, but we feel strongly that we must take all reasonable measures to prevent the spread of this virus in our store. We also request that you wear a face mask while at The Knitting Patch.

June 11: Just completed a wonderful top named "Hikari Kinomi" using The Fibre Company "Meadow" yarn. As shown, which was knitted using thelong option, required 3 skeins of the main color, and 1 skein of the contrast color. The finished piece is really exceptional in every way. Moreover, it was very fun to knit. It is on display in the store.


May 23: Recently we completed 2 garments we have knitted during our free time as a result of the Covid-19 virus. Speaking of the Covid, we will continue our current operations by appointment, as this is very much favored by most of our customers as a means of limiting the possibility of spreading the Covid-19 virus. Hence, please call the store to make an appointment.

Shown left is our Animone top. This was knitted using 5 skeins of Dandelion yarn which is a blend of Linen and Wool making this an exceptional and durable piece that promises to give years of use. Animone is on display in the store, so be certain to have a look when you are here.







There has been an abundance of time for me to do some personal knitting during the Covid shutdown, and I must admit that it has been a lot of fun for me. I am averaging one garment per week, and that is helping update my wardrobe. The latest addition is from a pattern named "Alice." Alice is a pullover that is a unique design. I chose to use a yarn from Jade Sapphire named Sylph, which is a blend of 58% Cashmere and 42% Linen. You can't imagine how marvelous this yarn feels, and given the linen content is promises to be exceptionally durable. Alice as shown required 4 skeins to make. It is on display in the store.


We hope that everyone had a wonderful celebration of Easter or Passover. This one will certainly go down in history as the most unusual celebration in this lifetime.\

We have endeavored to keepcontinuity in the store. However, asmany ofyou will recall, Boris can be a hand full and be a bit testy.He is concerned about when his salary will resume as our Director of Security. He is also grown concerned over his safety with the Corona-19 virus lurking around every corner. Lora made him a mask, and he was quite anxious to get it, which happened earlier today. True to form [for Boris] he loved it, but did not like the color [pink]. He was offended at how the pink color would go with Male Polar Bear Macho! It seems impossible to make him happy. However, if anyone wishes to make a similar mask, we used a single skein of Appalachian Organic Cotton, and the pattern is free on Ravelry by clicking on the following link:Face-Mask. It is a quick and easy project.

April 10: Due to the ongoing Corona-19 pandemic, The Knitting Patch is forced to be closed until such time as businesses are allowed to re-open for normal business operations without the extreme restrictions under which businesses have been allowed to operate. We will advise when we will be opening for regular business as soon as it is possible. In the interim we are able to process telephonic orders and ship them to you. We hope that everyone remains safe during this most compelling crisis. To the extent possible we wish you a very Happy Easter, or Passover celebration. Corona-19 can't interfere with your heart.


Unfortunately due to mandates of the state, we are closed until further notice. However, we are still here every day, and are managing to process, and ship mail orders. If you have any questions, please give us a call and we will work to find an accommodation that works for everyone.

We have been making good use of the inordinate amount of time by knitting some projects. The most recent one is a pattern from Ravelry named Chaika. The result was very pleasing, and I wanted to share it with you in the photo [right].

Due to the Corona virus we are closed, but we are available for shopping on an appointment basis only. Please call the store at 407-331-5648 to schedule a time for you to come. The same applies for anyone needing assistance with a knitting project. Also, all previously scheduled classes are temporarily suspended once the government indicates that it is once again safe to gather in groups. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes you.

We received the latest Vogue Knitting, Late Winter 2020 edition. This one has some really great projects that are certain to keep you busy, and produce some stunning results.






Shown in the photo (left) is the yarn of the Month from Artyarns. Merino Cloud is beautiful in its colorations, and is a blend of 80% Extrafine Merino Wool; 20% Cashmere, and each skein is approx 437 yards in length. This is a beautiful yarn, and is so luxurios to the touch.




We want to thank everyone who participated in our recent Hand Maiden event. It was 2 weeks, and very successful. We are filled with anticipation to see the results that our customer achieve with their Hand Maiden yarns, and especially kits.


Today we received our long anticipated Rowan Magazine, Issue #67. This edition has 35 unique designs/patterns inside. You may click on the adjacent image and look at the contents on the Knit Rowan website. These tend to sell quickly, so if you have interest, you should stop by soon, otherwise it may be too late.



February 8: The Knitting Patch is pleased to designate next week (thru February 15) as "Hand Maiden/Fleece Artist" week. We are featuring an expanded inventory of these fine yarns, along with many examples made using them. This expanded inventory includes both new colors of yarns we have routinely stocked, as well as yarns that are new to us. There is a lot to see, as you will see below. Take the time to come to the store and see these exceptional yarns for yourself, and get inspiration to produce your own heirlooms. We want to thank Hand Maiden for their support in making this exhibition possible. We have a lot to update, and new things to share with you.










Hand Maiden has provided us with many examples of finished garments made using their yarns. In reality these photos does not begin to show how many examples we have on dislay.


Hand Maiden's Flaxen has been in our inventory for years, and it has been an incredibly popular yarn. Shown in the adjacent photo are 8 colors we just received enhancing our Flaxen inventory. Flaxen is a blend of 65% Silk; & 35% Linen making Flaxen are durable as well as elegant yarn that is appropriate for a wide variety of projects. It assures that it will be durable for years to come.



Hand Maiden's "Casbah Mini" shown in the photo [left] is a new addition to our inventory. Casbah Mini is a blend of 80% Merino Wool; 10% Cashmere; and 10% Nylon giving it beauty, softness, and durability. Each skein of Casbah Mini is approximately 175 yards in length.


"Birch Bark Canoe" is a kit to make a shawlette using Hand Maiden's "Flyss" yarn.


"Lorraine - Tilting Block" is a blend of Cashmere and Silk. Shown [left] are thethree colors we have available.

Gradient Wrap Kit from Hand Maiden contains 5 skeins of Casbah 5 ply to make a wrap. We have 3 colors available ass shown in the photo [right].

Baby Wrap Kit contains yarns to make the baby wrap. The yarns are Hand Maiden Woolie Silk, which is a blend of 70% Superfine Merino Wool, and 30% Silk. We have 3 colors to choose from in stock.


"Ocean Breeze Shawl" Kit from Hand Maiden is shown in the photo [right]. We have 3 colors available. This kit includes Maidenhair and Sea Silk yarns.

Hand Maiden's Storm Water Shawl Kit is offered in three color combinations. The kit contains Hand Maiden's Sea Silk yarns, which is a blend of 70% Silk, and 30% Seacell, giving a beautiful sheen when finished. There is a natural elegance that only comes from silk.

Hand Maiden's "Aura Bundle" is shown in the photo right. This kit contains both Angel Hair and Mini Maiden yarns. M<ini Maiden is a blend of 50% Silk and 50% Wool; Angel Hair is a blend of 70% Kid Mohair, and 30% Nylon.

"Whisper Popover" featured in the photo [left] is a kit for you to make an elegant popover. The kit contains Handmaiden "Wisp" yarn , which is a blend of 70% Fine Kid Mohair, 10% Woool, and 20% Nylon. This is an elegant yarn, and is well suited for numerous projects in addition to the popover.


Earlier in the week we received a lot of new inventory, including "Toleno" from Lana Gatto (Italy). We first discovered Lana Gatto while in Italy. We purchased a lot of it there, and have loved this yarn ever since. Shown [left] are the nine colors of Toleno we have in stock. Toleno is 100% cotton making it well suited for many projects, and especially for baby knitting projects. Eack skein is approximately 153 yards in length.




We received some wonderful kits from Applachian Baby. As the name implies, these are perfect projects for the baby in your life. We have these kits in various colors. These are really wonder kits, and the yarn is exceptionally high quality ensuring that these items are destined to become family heirlooms.



From Malabrigo we received a shipment of 8 colors of "Caprino" which is a luxurious blend of 80% Merino Wool, and 20% Cashmere. You can only imagine how wonderful this yarns feels to the touch. Caprino is a DK weight yarn, and each skein is approximately 164 yards in length.





Last week we completed a class making the "Minimal Cardigan." The class went very well and everyone has produced their own cardigan, each of which is noteworthy. Shown [right] is the cardigan that was created using 12 skeins of Rowan "Cotton Glace" yarn. This cardigan is absolutely timless, and will enhance your wardrobe. This cardigan is on display in the store.



February 4: Malabrigo Yarns has announced their first ever "Knit Along." While originally scheduled to commence on March 1, we just received a notice that the date has slipped until April 1 (no fooling). To go along with this first, they have created three new colors of their Dos Tierras yarn for this KAL. These are very beautiful colors and are shown in the adjacent photo. The patterns for this KAL is already available [free] on Ravelry. The pattern name is "Odyssey," and was designed by Joji Locatelli (click on the image left, and it will take you to the Ravelry page do download this pattern). The Knitting Patch is sponsoring a Malabrigo KAL in the store that will begin on April 1. Seating is limited so reserve your place early. Given the interest in this Malabrigo "Event", we recommend that you order your yarn early to preclude it being sold out or on back order. The pattern requires three colors of Dos Tierras from Malabrigo. This KAL promises to be a lot of fun, and will produce a beautiful shawl.


Shown left is our recently completed "Building Block Afghan." This project took all of 2019 to complete with monthly classes. As shown it was knitted using 13 skeins of HiKoo "Simply Worsted" yarn. The result speaks for itself. Throughout the class you learn new stitches, and at the end, you will have created a family heirloom.





We just received the latest book from Malabrigo Yarns, Ponchos & Familia, as shown in the photo [right]. This is an excellent publication with many worthwhile patterns. This book will make a worthjy addition to your knitting library, or could make an excellent gift for the knitter(s) in your life.





October 19: Featured in the adjacent photo is our just completed example of Find Your Fade Shawl, from Hedgehog Fibres.This shawl was introduced as a kit from Hedgehog Fibres, and it has been a popular project. The end result speaks for itself. The kit includes everything required to make the shawk, including 7 skeins of yarn, and the pattern. The colors available are stunning. This shawl in on display in the store.



October 17:

The sweater shown [right] was recently completed, and named "Birkin" which was featured in Issue #2 of Laines magazine, and is now available for purchase on Ravelry. As shown it was knitted using Canopy, from The Fibre Company





October 7: We just received this new book "Colorwork Shawls". It has many wonderful designs, and is a must have for any serious knitter.






September 10: Exciting new yarn from Fyberspates. "Stolen Stitches" is a new yarn from Fyberspates, and it looks like it is certain to be a perfect complement to Fyberspates current offerings. Stolen Stitches is a sport weight yarn, and is a blend of 60% Merino Wool; 20% Yak; and 20% Linen, which is a very durable blend that promises to be very durable and provide many years of wear. Each skein is approx 153 yards in length. The photo [right] shows the 5 colors we presently have in inventory.



August 23: We recently received an entirely new yarn from Malabrigo named Verona. Verona is a 100% Pima Cotton DK weight yarn, and promises to be an exciting addition to Malabrigo's line up of fine yarns. Each skein of Verona is approx 205 yards in length. The image below/left shows the 5 colors of Verona that we presently have in stock, and the image below/right shows the new Malabrigo book published for Verona. Both are worthy of your consideration. Pima cotton is a near perfect fiber for our incredibly hot weather here in Florida. Stop by the store and see for yourself.










August 1: It has thus far been an incredibly hot summer. Hopefully some relief will be on its way soon. Despite the oppressive heat, we must not lose sight that cooler weather is literally just around the corner, along with the holidays. Plan ahead for them, and you will be surprised by what you are capable of producing, and the response you will get from loved ones who are the recipients of your hand knitted gift. Shown right is a magnificent cardigan, that is an eye catcher. This cardigan is made using NORO Kureyon yarn, and required the Garter stitch! While the result is stunning, creating it was very simple, and quick given the large size of the needles used. The pattern is in the NORO Kureyon 30 th Anniversary Book, and The Knitting Patch has a large inventory of Kureyon yarn. Moreover, if you feel the need for assistance in making this cardigan, we offer project assistance, or if you prefer a class on making this pattern. The result from this project is one that you will definitely be proud of for years to come will wear it with pride, and is certain to receive compliments whereever they go. Stunning, & truly Easy to Knit - what a combination. This cardigan is on display in the store. Stop by and see for yourself, and pick out the Kureyon yarn you will use to make yours.

July 7: The Knitting Patch is pleased to congratulate Sara for her astonishing results in competition at the Ironman competition held today in Klagenfurt, Austria. Sara has been training for this competition for countless months, and deserves her remarkable scores. Congratulations from all of your friends at The Knitting Patch. We are very proud of you.

June 30: We are having a store wide 4th of July sale with savings up to 40% on many of your favorite yarns. This sale begins on Monday, July 1, and runs through close of business on Thursday, July 4. We will be open on July 4 from 10:00am until 5:00pm. This is a great opportunity to stock up on your knitting supplies, as well as buying yarns for your holiday knitting projects.


Featured in the photo [left] is our "Diagonal Color Block Shawl,' which was made using Rowan "Hemp Tweed" yarn. It required 4 skeins of different colors each. The result is stunning, and quite elegant too. It knitted very quickly as well and makes an ideal project for just about any knit level. Ours is on display in the store, stop by and see it for yourself. It will be worth your time. This could make an ideal Holiday gift for a special family member....



May 28: The long anticipated Issue #8 of Laine will be released on May 31. For those who have pre-purchased their copy, they will be available for you to pick up on Friday. If you did not pre-purchase a copy, you should plan to shop early as this is one publication that sells out very quickly.




May 23: From Malabrigo we received our initial shipment of their new yarn "Surro" which is an exciting yarn. Surro is sport weight yarn that is a blend of 25% Linen; 25%Merino Wool; and 50% Silk so you can imagine how dreamy which yarn feels. Moreover it will be durable as a result of the Linen content. The photo below left shows a finished piece knitted using Surro. The image below right shows the five colors of Surro we received in out initial shipment. Surro is a very delightful yarn that promises to make your knitting stand out. Moreover, whatever you make will be a delight to wear as the fiber content is about as luxurious as you can get.









Malabrigo just introduced a new color in their sock yarn as shown in the ajacent photo.



May 6: We received a shipment from Lorna's Laces, which includes kits from Mrs. Crosby, which is a unique element of Lorna's Laces. In addition to these kits, we also received new yarns from Lornas Laces. These kits are packaged around making a shawl by Joji Locatelli named "Fading Point Shawl," which is available for purchase on Ravelry [left click on adjacent photo] or in The Knitting Patch.


Just completed, "Magnolia Sweater" by Camilla Vad. We used 7 skeins of Illimani yarns, and it was a pleasure to knit. The patter was very accurate, and concise, and easy to follow. If you click on the adjacent photo a new tab will be opened for you in Ravelry to the page where you can purchase this pattern. This sweater top is a casual design that will give you many years of wear. The design is very pleasing and is certain to catch many compliments.





April 5: The Knitting Patch is excited to introduce The Yarns of Rhichard Devrieze to Central Florida. These yarns are truly exceptional and set a new standard for colorations. The quality of the yarn is also quite remarkable, and ideally suited for a wide range of knitting projects. You can be assured that the effort you put into making special pieces for special people in your life and endure many years of use. To learn more about these exceptional yarns, click on the logo below and a page will be opened for you in Rhichard Devrieze website. Our first order has arrived and is available for you to inspect at the store. We have both DK and Fingering weight yarns presently in stock.



Our initial order from Rhichard Devrieze includes DK weight "Luxe." As alluded to above, the colors are magnificent, as well as the quality of the yarn itself, and how is has been spun and created into a sellable product. Luxe is a Superwash, fingering weight yarn which is a blend of 75% Merino Wool; 15% Silk; & 10% Cashmere, which is a delightful blend of increadibly comfortable, and durable fibers ensuring you will create a durable piece from this yarn. Each skein is approx 300 yards in length. The left photo [below] shows the 4 colors of Luxe we have in stock. In the photo below [right] shows the five colors of "Sirocco," which is a DK weight yarn that is 100% Superwash Merino Yarn. Each skein of Sirocco is approximately 267 yards in length. We have much more coming from Rhichard Devrieze, but given the extensive effort that is required to make these additions to our inventory will be arriving over the coming months. They promise to be worth the wait. Stop by the store and see Luxe and Sirocco. You will be glad you did. In the mean time go to Rhichard Devrieze website and see all that they offer, and especially the magnificent colorways they produce. This yarn is truly a work of art....


April 3: Spring has definitely arrived, and along with it we are receiving our new spring/summer inventory. These are really awesome yarns, and should help you get motivated to get knitting. Noro has introduced two yarns, which are beautiful in every way, especially in quality, and colors. The new Noro yarns are Akari & Geshi, both of which were featured in the latest issue 14 of Noro Magazine.

We presently have 2 colors of Geshi in stock. The photo to the left is of a top made using this yarn, using the featured Noro pattern in the latesr Noro magazine.




The image below, far right, shows the 3 colors of Noro Akari we presently have in stock. The three images to the left are examples of garments made using this yarn, using patterns contained in Noro Magazine #14.


Shown right are the 6 colors of 100% Concentric Cotton from HiKoo. This is a delightful yarn, and is quite well suited to a wide variety of Spring and Summer projects. The quality and durability of this yarn ensures that you will have a long time to enjoy this piece, and to get those compliments.



March 14: Shown left are three perspectives of our recently completed "The Weekender" pullover. It is on display in the store for you to see, and pollibly get ideas from. This was knitted using 11 skeins of Rowan Hemp/Tweed yarn, which produces a beautiful result and one that is very durable.



February 10:

Mark your calendar for February 15 as this is the date that the much anticipated issue #7 of Laine Magazine will be released. This issue promises to be filled with intriguing patterns, and ideas to expand your knitting skills. While Laine is a newcomer publication it has already become a highly collectible, and key part of their knitting library.





February 5: It seems that new yarns are arriving almost daily. There have been some lucky shoppers who happened to be here when they arrived and purchased the entire inventory of specific colors. This yarn is a new sock yarn with absolutely breathtaking colors, and is very soft and appealing on your skin. Given it being a sock weight, it is perfectly suited to a wide variety of projects and.the colorations along with quality makes this yarn a perfect selection.for your upcoming projects which require a sock weight yarn. This yarn is 100% superwash and is 80% Merino Wool, and 20% Nylon.Each skein is approx 400 yards in length. The photos above right and below left depict the colors we received. This is a new product for us, and is of the highest quality conceivable. It is worthy of consideration for your upcoming projects.

We also received a new shipment from Fleece Artist/Hand Maiden with new colors of Maiden Hair. Maiden Hair is a blend of 67 % Silk; 23% Kid Mohair; & 10% Nylon giving Maiden Hair nearly perfect attributes, including durability for your knitting projects. Each skein is approx. 328 yards in length. The adjacent photos show the colors of Maiden Hair we received.

We recently completed knitting "Tegna," and have displayed it is the store. Asd the photo below depicts, it turned out to be a head turner. As displayed it was knitted using Maiden Hair "Flyss" yarn, which is a blen of 65% silk and 35% linen, making the finished garment very luxurious to the touch, and durable, ensuring that it will provide a long lifetime of use. We used 2.5 skeins in making this sample. Stop by the store and see it for yourself.


PLEASE NOTE: Yarn color swatches are rendered differently on different monitors. The best way to be sure you are finding the color desired is to visit your local yarn store.